Random RPG-ish
A project I created back in late 2015-early 2016, designed as an MMO-ish life simulator. This project has been discontinued, and the source and files are available for whatever you want to use them for!

Project Serenity
A Sonic fangame project created by me and HyperTech. This project is currently on-hold...



My name's Yoshi! Okay.. maybe that's not my actual name, but that's besides the point. I've always dreamed of having a personal website, and having the opportunity to do so, I decided to build my dream website from 2008! Outside of this, I do art, programming and things on the main site, available here! (note, may only work on modern web browsers and systems)

I also love to work with vintage computers, hence why this website should be compatible with retro Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla, as well as Classilla and modern browsers!

Grand reopening!...? 10/20/2019

Welcome back! Well kinda... I didn't actually go anywhere. Sorta.

A little while back, I took my chances with trying to host this website on an alternative to the extinct GeoCities, called NeoCities (creative, I know). Problem is, this site wasn't available on older systems, resulting in half of the point of this website being ruined!

Eager to keep this content alive, and now having my own server and domain to run things on, I decided to revive this project once again, now with my own hosting!

And so, here we are again. I am still going to try my best to bring new content to this site, whether it be the aforementioned projects, updates and vintage software, or something even more interesting (perhaps some Atari Basic trickery, or assembly experiments?). So stick around, and have a good time!

Grand opening 8/17/2018

Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by! This website is finally ready to be public... at least I hope! So... what can you expect from this website?

I am bringing some of my personal projects to the public! This includes old Clickteam and Multimedia Fusion 2 projects, as well as some of my little programming projects. If any of these interest you, make sure to check here every so often!

If I have any stuff happen, and it's interesting enough, I'll post about it here! This can be about a vintage computer I have, or a new skill I've learned!

Vintage Software/Utilities/Games
Software for old computers can be extremely hard to find, especially with old floppy disks and tapes starting to rot and die in storage. If I find a piece of obscure software that nobody else seems to have, I will most likely post it here!

So yeah! These are just a few of the things you can look forward to on this retro-modern website! Here's hoping you find something you like, and I hope to see you around!

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